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Perfection Skin Care

29 - Jan - 2015

Perfections, The Ultimate in Beauty Care, striving to offer a full range of Beauty treatments.


Welcome to Perfections, The Ultimate in Beauty Care

Hand Therapy Treatments

Perfections Beauty Treatments

Perfections Beauty Clinic offer a full range of Beauty treatments, we strive to offer the best service possible providing all the latest and up to date treatments available. We have a professional skin care and make-up advice service online and have a large range of products to suit everyone's needs.

Katrina Lennon

Katrina Lennon proprietor of Perfections is also a professional Beauty therapist and make-up artist and has an advanced diploma in make-up artistry, so if you are getting married or going somewhere special call or contact her to achieve that different look.

Professional Suppliers in Skin Care are an online supplier of beauty products providing professional skin care, tanning and make-up products at reasonable prices.

Please visit our Products Page for more information.

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